Lakeside Storage Park

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"Best Value Storage in Adelaide"


Our Self Storage rates are extremely competitive due to our lower overheads; which allows us to pass this benefit directly to our customers.

Lakeside Storage Park requires the rental to be paid 1 month in advance: plus a refundable $ 50 deposit for your container.

We pride ourselves on being the “BEST VALUE STORAGE in ADELAIDE”, offering affordable but highly secured and convenient storage for you with 24/7 access.

** Our PAYMENT IN ADVANCE options give you discounts for 3, 6 and 12 months
of 2.5%, 5.0% and 10.0% respectively. **

Our Rates for Storage


*Capacity: 33.1 cu.m (5.89x2.35x2.39)
*Floor Area: 13.84 sq.m

$ 325.00 / Month

PARKING BAYS for Caravans, Cars ++

Parking for Vehicles, Caravans with
Approx. Ground Area: 23.0 sq.m

$ 205.00 / Month

*** Prices Effective 1 March 2024 ***
(GST Inclusive)

"Low Cost, High Security with 24/7 Access"

For all enquiries please call or email:

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